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At ExpoLabPro, we believe that the key to a successful trade show experience lies in the capabilities of your booth team.

We specialise in comprehensive booth team training and sales process optimisation to help your brand stand out and achieve unparalleled success at trade shows and expos.


Our Services

Event Team


Empower your booth staff with expert-led training sessions tailored to your brand's unique needs, equipping your team with the skills and knowledge required to deliver exceptional results at trade shows and exhibitions.

Booth and Event Management Tools

Streamline your booth operations and event management with our innovative, user-friendly tools designed to optimise role assignment, goal tracking, and overall efficiency, ensuring a seamless trade show experience.


Enhance your trade show strategy with our expert consultancy services. We offer strategic planning and execution guidance, helping you create impactful, result-driven events that resonate with your audience. With ExpoLabPro, turn your event into a memorable success story.


How we work

The Standard Questions

  • What shall we give away?

  • How many plasma screens shall we have?

  • Shall we use the ‘glamour approach’ and use event staff?

  • Who knows the best restaurant in town?

  • What type of coffee should we serve?

  • Which brand of mints should we give away?

  • Should we have balloons at our booth?

  • What style of tablecloth looks best?

  • How many pens should we bring for giveaways?

The ExpoLabsPro Way

  • Do we have the best Exhibition team ready?

  • Have we allocated roles and responsibilities for every stand team member?

  • Have we set clear and measurable objectives for the event?

  • Have we perfected our ‘elevator pitch’?

  • Who is responsible for and what is our data capture methodology?

  • Who is responsible for post-event follow up?

  • How do we leverage AI to make our preparation as efficient and effective as possible?




Maximise Exhibition ROI

Maximise the return on your exhibition investment by leveraging our expert services and solutions that focus on booth team training, event management tools, and sales process optimisation to ensure a highly successful and profitable trade show experience.


Develop Top Sales Team

Identify and develop the most effective exhibition sales team through our comprehensive training programmes, which assess individual strengths and skillsets to create a team that delivers exceptional results beyond your initial expectations.


Quick, Qualified Opportunities

Generate qualified opportunities in just 7 minutes or less with our efficient stand management strategies, designed to help your team quickly identify, engage, and convert potential leads while maximising your booth's impact.


Consistent Brand Messaging

Consistently deliver a powerful and cohesive brand message through our tailored training sessions, which emphasise the importance of clear communication and alignment with your overall brand strategy during trade show interactions.


High-Quality Lead Capture

Secure valuable, qualified leads for targeted follow-up by utilising our sales process optimisation services, which focus on capturing high-quality leads, rather than just names, ensuring a more successful post-event conversion rate.


Personalised Team Development

Benefit from our personalised approach to booth team development, with tailored coaching and ongoing support, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth that leads to stronger trade show performances and increased brand recognition.

Our Team

What the numbers say


of visitors stated that “interaction with stand staff” had the most memorable effect/most impact on their visit to the show (CEIR)


of companies who train their exhibition staff prior to exhibiting perform better (CEIR)


of trade show attendees have buying authority (Exhibit Surveys)


of decision-makers found at least one new supplier at the last trade show they attended (CEIR).

Results from previous clients


increase in qualified leads across a 6-day show


"I learned lots of information about attitude and how to improve my presence when I am at an exhibition. Thank you very much!"


"Very instructive, not boring at all. Keep it that way!"


"The event was really great and dynamic. It's a good booster for the team!"

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